Winter ‘s Introduction

It was cold this morning.  Not that the temperature was so much colder, but the wind was biting.  Belle and I did not spend much time on the patio.

I went out to see if there were any more pecans on the ground.  I only found two.  I got quite a few this year.  The crows and squirrels tried to get most of them.  Every day for the past three weeks I have listened to the irritating caw of the crows all day.  There was no getting rid of them.  They got on my last nerve! The pecans are gone so they are gone, too.

I picked the last of my garden yesterday.  Tonight is supposed to reach 23 degrees.  Everything will be dead tomorrow.

I love winter when I can stay indoors where it is warm.  I lived in Alaska for a time and I loved the snow.  I liked being out in it.  I love to watch the snowflakes float down covering the land in a silver blanket.  We have snow in this part of the world on occasion.  It never stays long.

One Christmas a few years ago we had an ice storm.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Tree limbs were covered with 2 or 3 inches of ice.  When a limb became overloaded, the limb would snap off with the sound of a rifle shot.  I had the top of a pine tree break off and a small blue spruce broke off at the ground.  That storm played havoc with the electric.  Some out of town homes were without electricity for weeks.

I am told those storms come around about every 8 years or so.  We did have a freeze about 7 years after that one but it wasn’t as severe.  There could be another one just around the corner.

Thoughts for Today

A while back a friend mentioned not being able to locate the “Big Dipper.”  Since I know next to nothing about constellations and where to find them in the sky, I was not help.  I have had the two dippers pointed out to me in the past but I soon forget.  I checked it out on line and decided the next morning I would check.  Do you know the sky has been covered in clouds every morning since.  About the time the sun comes up, the clouds go away.

I did learn an interesting tidbit.  The handle of the “Big Dipper” points to the North Star.  In the days of slavery, the escaped slaves had a song they sang to guide them to freedom called “Follow the Drinking Gourd.”  The drinking gourd was the “Big Dipper” and it pointed to the  North Star which was the way to freedom.  I remember hearing that song in my youth sung by a popular group at the time.  I had no idea the significance of it.

We are due for a freeze in my part of the world tomorrow.  I just brought in the remaining bell peppers and tomatoes from my little garden.  There are still some green ones out there but I doubt they will grow or ripen.

I woke up this morning to the patter of raindrops on my roof.  It has been drizzling all day.  

It all started yesterday.  As I have said I am an early riser.  When I went out on the patio just as dawn was breaking, over on the east the horizon appeared to be ablaze. Thick clouds covered the sky and as the sun moved toward the curve of the earth, it set the underside of the clouds on fire.  The light reflected down brightening the morning.  I traced the prismatic progression across the sky to the west.  The clouds went from orange to peach to pink to violet.  I marveled at the beauty of it.  Then, what to my wandering eyes should appear but a rainbow almost directly overhead! I gazed at it in awe until the sun moved up enough for it to fade away.  It became darker out at the same time so I looked back to the east to see the sun had risen high enough to be above the clouds.  The morning was ushering in a dreary, rainy day.  It had started with a bang.

I am having a hard time adjusting to the time change.  I always do.  I had forgotten the time was going to change.  When I woke up Sunday morning, I wondered why I was waking up so early.  When I went into my living room, I saw the clock there said was an hour later than the one in the bedroom.  It took a second, then it dawned on me about the time change.  My bedroom clock automatically resets.  I will have to go change the clock in my car before it causes a problem.  In spring a few years ago, I was an hour late to work because I forgot to reset the clock in my car.

We are having a lot of rain this year.  I hope it means we will have lots of blooms come spring.


Thoughts for this day

It is a cold November morning in my corner of the world.  I have been trying for weeks to get this blog started.  I wasn’t sure how to go about it…and I am still not sure, but I decided to jump in anyway.  I may be making some changes as I gain more experience.

I actually have two other badly neglected blogs.  One is here on WordPress entitled “Fullfilled Prophesy.”  I haven’t done much with it either, but I am resolved to do better because that subject is dear to me.  I know you will notice that I have fulfilled mispelled.  I didn’t catch it until it was too late, so I will have to live with it.  The other blog is on Blogspot.  It is “Nora’s Art Cache.”  I haven’t posted on it for a long time either.  I plan to move it to WordPress so all my blogs will be at the same location.

I am an early riser.  I like to go out on my patio with a cup of green tea and feel the day emerge.  The stars are still sparkling in the heavens  when I sit down.  I can gaze into the universe and marvel at the handy work of my God.  Soon the sky to the east begins to lighten and the stars disappear one by one.  The deep purple of the heavens turns cerulean then azure as the sun begins to peak over the horizon.  Clouds glow in peach and apricot attire.  The birds begin to sing at just the right moment before sunrise, praising God for the new day.  Belle, my little Maltese, checks out the yard then comes an asks to sit in my lap.  Together we watch the day begin.

There is a valley beyond my back yard with a stream meandering down the middle which then rises to a low hill.  It is covered with hardwood trees.  This time of year the hill has on her autumn finery of gold, orange, red and rust.  The valley is a pasture where cattle graze sometimes and if I am lucky, I will see deer grazing there, too.