Winter ‘s Introduction

It was cold this morning.  Not that the temperature was so much colder, but the wind was biting.  Belle and I did not spend much time on the patio.

I went out to see if there were any more pecans on the ground.  I only found two.  I got quite a few this year.  The crows and squirrels tried to get most of them.  Every day for the past three weeks I have listened to the irritating caw of the crows all day.  There was no getting rid of them.  They got on my last nerve! The pecans are gone so they are gone, too.

I picked the last of my garden yesterday.  Tonight is supposed to reach 23 degrees.  Everything will be dead tomorrow.

I love winter when I can stay indoors where it is warm.  I lived in Alaska for a time and I loved the snow.  I liked being out in it.  I love to watch the snowflakes float down covering the land in a silver blanket.  We have snow in this part of the world on occasion.  It never stays long.

One Christmas a few years ago we had an ice storm.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Tree limbs were covered with 2 or 3 inches of ice.  When a limb became overloaded, the limb would snap off with the sound of a rifle shot.  I had the top of a pine tree break off and a small blue spruce broke off at the ground.  That storm played havoc with the electric.  Some out of town homes were without electricity for weeks.

I am told those storms come around about every 8 years or so.  We did have a freeze about 7 years after that one but it wasn’t as severe.  There could be another one just around the corner.

One thought on “Winter ‘s Introduction

  1. Bite your tongue about ‘the next one being right around the corner,” I’m not ready, and won’t be for several more years. We’re still cleaning up from the last one!

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