Thoughts for Sunday

I was welcomed by another breathtaking sunrise this morning.  The clouds were rimed with brilliant gold on the horizon and the clouds that were higher in the sky appeared to have an inner glow.  it was breathtaking!

The temperature is a warm 74 degrees and a gentle breeze is blowing.  Hard to believe after the freeze we had.  It is balmy out there.  So what am I doing in here?

I saw a documentary the other day about global warming.  I am on the fence about the cause of global warming but there is no doubt the planet is warming up.  I am told the cattle watering tanks in Texas once froze hard enough for ice skating.  Now those tanks might get a glaze of ice for a few hours.  Areas that once received lots of snow that stayed around for most of the winter now only get an occasional snow fall and it only lasts for a few days.  There are wineries being established here in the U.S. in areas where once it was too cold for the grapes.  The summers are hotter and drier most years. The documentary stated that England is developing a name as a wine producing country and olive groves are now flourishing there.  Once upon a time England had cold bitter winters.  The glaciers are receding. Yes, the earth is warming up.  Some scientists are saying it is due to mankind’s activity and that may be so, however, the earth has always gone through heating and cooling cycles.

Mankind is certainly making lots of progress in upsetting the earth’s ecosystem.  Trees take the carbon dioxide out of the air and replace it with oxygen.  Forests are being cleared.  Even in residential yards, trees are removed.  Construction companies clear off the trees to build houses and residents cut trees because they don’t want to clean up the leaf fall.  We keep this up and there won’t be any air to breath.  Water is another issue.  Pollutants are dumped into our waterways.  We use detergents and chemicals that destroy live rivers and streams.  Even the underground reservoirs are polluted.  Did you know that women on HRT are dumping estrogen into the water that is not removed. There is just no source left for clean healthy water.  It’s a wonder we are still alive.

I would like to see us use the wind and sun as our energy source.  The technology is there.  It just needs to be made available to the general public at an affordable price.  If fossil fuel is damaging the earth, we need to stop using it.  We need to be responsible for the home that was created for us.  Our first responsibility given to us  by our Creator was to tend the earth and care for it.  Instead of caring for our home, we have exploited it.

Thoughts for Today

A while back a friend mentioned not being able to locate the “Big Dipper.”  Since I know next to nothing about constellations and where to find them in the sky, I was not help.  I have had the two dippers pointed out to me in the past but I soon forget.  I checked it out on line and decided the next morning I would check.  Do you know the sky has been covered in clouds every morning since.  About the time the sun comes up, the clouds go away.

I did learn an interesting tidbit.  The handle of the “Big Dipper” points to the North Star.  In the days of slavery, the escaped slaves had a song they sang to guide them to freedom called “Follow the Drinking Gourd.”  The drinking gourd was the “Big Dipper” and it pointed to the  North Star which was the way to freedom.  I remember hearing that song in my youth sung by a popular group at the time.  I had no idea the significance of it.

We are due for a freeze in my part of the world tomorrow.  I just brought in the remaining bell peppers and tomatoes from my little garden.  There are still some green ones out there but I doubt they will grow or ripen.