Today’s Musings

It is a beautiful day outside. It is 74 degrees with a very light breeze blowing.  I have been working in my yard most of the morning.  I came in for a bit, but I am going right back out as soon as I finish this.

I have added a new post to my  blog.  I have been slow posting to that blog because I need to research before I post.

I mentioned before that I was using Weight Watchers to rid myself of some extra pounds.  I am so pleased with this program that I want to say I highly recommend it.  The cost is minimal.  It can be done from home, no meetings to attend.  It does not feel like a diet.  I can eat any food I want.  It is all about portion control.  There are meetings if one needs that kind of structure.  I don’t like meetings so being able to do this at home is perfect.  I pay attention to my points and most of the time I have a point or two left over.  I have steadily lost weight from the first day.  I lose about 2 ounces a day or a bit over a pound a week.  Weight Watchers told me I would lose between 1/2 pound to 2 pounds a week.  Someone with more weight to lose or if one loses weight easily, could lose faster.  I have had a terrible time losing weight.  It was easy to gain and very hard to lose.  I am very happy with the rate I am losing.  It is the only program I have found that works for me.  I spent BIG bucks with Metabolic Research Center and it did not work.  I have tried Atkins, fasting, Nutrisystem, and I can’t remember all the others.  Nothing worked. Weight Watchers was my last shot.  A friend told me his son lost a lot on WW and I thought I may as well give it a try.  I am so happy I did!.

The sunshine is calling me, so I am off to enjoy it.  I hope you are having a beautiful day, also.

Happy Easter to you all!