Thoughts for Today

Most of the leaves have fallen from my trees.  The back yard is mostly covered with about 3 inches of leaves.  They come up to Belle’s hocks.  She almost needs to jump to get through them.

It was warmer this morning.  I blew the leaves off the patio with the snow blower.  I drank my tea, listened to the birds and watched Belle patrol the yard.  It was such a pleasant way to start my day.

I have been working on one of my other blogs…  There is a lot of preparation required to post on it.

Did you forget to send a birthday card to a good friend or relative?  Do you know someone who needs cheering?  Do you have time to go to the store, pick out a card and buy the stamp to mail it, then get it to the post office or mail box? Let me tell you how you can send the cards you know you should in just seconds on line.  You choose from over 15000 cards or make your own.  You write your own meaningful words or use those on the card.  The card can be in your own handwriting.  It will be printed, stuffed in envelope, stamped and mailed, just as if you did it yourself.  If want more information, go to   I will be adding more information in future posts.

I have started a blog just for SendOutCards.  This is the URL  Go there to learn more.

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